July 4, 1914

export (5-eleg) 5. Le transformisme social suppose la guerre éternelle.

Si nous reconnaissons la nécessité du développement,
il nous faut aussi reconnaître la nécessité de la guerre;
il nous faut proclamer la guerre, une guerre qui durera
autant qu’il y aura sur terre existence et évolution, il
nous faut proclamer la guerre éternelle.

Le Cantique des Cantiques de la guerre éternelle — cri
d’alerte, appel à la joie pour les forts, glas strident pour
les faibles, — retentira comme un tonnerre jusqu’au der-
nier jour.

5. Social transformation implies eternal war.

If we recognize the necessity of development
we must also recognize the necessity of war;
we must proclaim war, a war that will last
as long as there will be existence and evolution
on the earth, we must proclaim eternal war.

The Song of Songs of eternal war – cry of alert,
call of joy to the strong, passing-bell for the weak –
will sound like thunder until the end of days.

Klaus Wagner [Claus von Wagner? wjs], Krieg (Guerre) ; cité par Hasse. Deutsche
Politik, t. I, fac. IV, 129-130.

And now one of these Serbs shoots a Hapsburg in an Austrian street, and sends him unshriven to his doom! No, Berchtold is right —and he signs the memorandum written out for him, containing the following words to the Kaiser Wilhelm:

“The assassination of my poor nephew is the direct result of the agitation carried on by the Austrian and Serbian Panslavists, the sole object of which is the weakening of the Triple Alliance and the destruction of my realm. The efforts of my Government must in future be directed towards the isolation and reduction of Serbia. . . . Lasting peace will, however, be ensured only when Serbia is eliminated as a factor of political power in the Balkans. . . . Reconciliation between Serbia and us is no longer to be thought of, and the continuance of the peace policy of all European monarchs is threatened, so long as this hearth fire of criminal agitation at Belgrade is left unquenched.”

Emil Ludwig, JULY ’14


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