July 11, 1914

EPSON scanner image

Au Cinema, Dupuy, Salon de Paris, 1914
THE field of foreign affairs is this week barren of important events. All that it is necessary to record is that the situation in Albania shows not only no sign of improvement, but a steady drift in the wrong direction. Austria- Hungary is necessarily still perturbed and bewildered by the assassination of the Archduke. The Dual Monarchy has had a rude revelation of the dangerous condition of things produced by the policy pursued of recent years towards the South Slavs. As for Mexico, rumours are afloat that a settlement, based on the resignation of General Huerta, has been reached. Although these rumours have not been publicly confirmed, we are inclined to think, on the whole, that the silence of the past week is of good omen for peace. For the moment the prospects in regard to Turkey and Greece look brighter, but dare the Greeks wait till the delivery of the Turkish ironclads gives Turkey the local command of the sea? That is the point upon which the question of peace or war depends.

The Spectator, London, July 11, 1914

L'Humanité (Paris)
Source: gallica.bnf.fr
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