June 30, 1914

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City Lost That Much in 1913, Welfare
Experts Estimate.


Many Day and Night Nurseries
and Other Such Charities
Lack Funds.

Wanted: $1,000,000 to save babies.
It is not only that babies are nice
dimpled things which ought to be kept
alive for the pleasure they give the
world, but that just as a business propo-
sition it is cheaper to have them than
to let them die from bad milk and
germs. It is estimated that if New
York invested $1,000,000 now in saving
babies the community wo»i!d gain $0,-
MMJtmt in the services of those babies
after the* »grew up.
tiarures are based on the find¬
ings of the National Conservation
Commission, which put* tne average
value of a baby at $*_.900. This esti¬
mule is obtained by subtracting the
«f bringing up a baby from the
average earning« of the »adult.
On this basis New «’irk City lost
$10.000,000 in 191″ through infant
mortality. It spent only $1,000,000 to
geep the bobiea «IW«. Of his amount
onlj $,_u0,f)0o wus eontributed by the
eity government. iSOO.OOO Doing prívale

The New York Tribune, 7/1/1914 p. 3

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