June 18, 1914

“Together Princip and Ilia combed Sarajevo newspapers for the Archduke’s specific whereabouts during his forthcoming visit. The big Jesuit-controlled daily Hrvatski Dnevnik spoke the loyalist sympathies of Catholic Bosnia (as opposed to the much more Belgrade-minded Greek Orthodox element). Hrvatski Dnevnik looked forward to the Archduke with headlines like HAIL, OUR HOPE! but with no information interesting to people who wanted to get that hope into their gunsights. The German-language Die Bosnische Post was more helpful. In Princip’s band only Ilia fully had mastered the oppressors’ tongue, and on June 18 he found in Die Bosnische Post the Archduke’s exact itinerary through the city. He mapped it out for Princip long before it appeared on posters calling on the populace to line their Crown Prince’s path with cheers.” Frederic Morton, Thunder at Twilight, p, 417


Le Figaro, P. 6



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