Sunday Morning

Scene:  Sunday Morning.  Interior, Manhattan apartment. Bedroom.

A.  ESSIE, 24,  head, from behind in bed, sleeping,  covered by sheet, close up, large box of generic condoms in foreground out of focus  to right. The words “Latex Condoms” are clearly visible, out of focus, on the box. Elastic strap of face mask visible on the back of Essie’s head.

CARL, 55, voice:  “Essie! Sleeping beauty!  Time to get up!”

Dissolve to same scene and camera position

B.  Essie sleeping on back, head seen in profile wearing black mask over eyes.

Carl:  “Come on, Essie,  her mother’s going to drop her off in fifteen minutes.”

Dissolve to same scene and camera position

C.  Essie sleeping.  Now we see her face, masked, partly hidden by the out of focus box of condoms. The hand of Carl picks up the box of condoms. Now we see all of Essie’s masked face and her thick, black hair.

Carl:  “You’ve got to leave, now.”

Essie, removing her mask.  “Ok. Ok.”

We see Carl from behind, in shorts. No top. His trim figure, slightly sagging in buttocks and upper arms; the prominent wrinkles around the back of his neck and elbows.

Cut to

D.  From inside the top of the bedroom closet.  In the background Essie is hurriedly getting dressed.  In the foreground, the hand and arm of Carl, hiding the box of condoms on the top shelf of the closet. [1]   

E.  Close up of hands and arms of Carl making the bed.  The lower part of Essie is visible as she moves around getting dressed.  Carl turns over the pillows, and when he finds a long, black hair, carefully picks it up with his right hand and moves it between thumb and forefinger of his left hand, holding the hairs there while he continues to search and straighten the bed, using his right, and the remaining fingers of his left, hands.

Essie: “Can I see you on Saturday?”

Carl (exasperated):  “No, I can’t. That day’s for Sis.  But we have a date for Thursday – remember.  She’s going to the movies. Are you ready?”

Essie: “I just have to go to the bathroom.”


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Sitting on the Toilet

Scene:  Sitting on the Toilet.  Interior. Manhattan apartment, bathroom.

From above. Very slow zoom or (preferably) travel  in.

Essie is writing on a small piece of paper as she sits.  Some of the writing is visible: “…I just wanted you to know that I’m not a whore, that I’m your Dad’s girlfriend…”

She pulls a box of Kleenex from the shelf, lifts up some Kleenexes, inserts the note, and puts the box back.


Copyright ©, 2018, William J. Spurlin.  All rights reserved.


Scene: Goodbyes.  Manhattan apartment. Living room.

Colors are muted, a few pastels but mostly gray and off-white.  Essie is wearing a black raincoat. Her very dark hair hangs about her pale, made-up face.  All these colors are chosen to contrast with the vivid red lipstick Essie puts on.

A. Essie stands by the coffee table.  She is ready to go, in raincoat. She is applying lipstick, looking at herself in a small mirror.   She finishes, looks left and right, lifts a magazine (with black-and-white cover) from the coffee table and hides the lipstick under it.

Carl enters.  As he is significantly taller than Essie we do not see his head.  He opens the front door for her. There are hurried goodbyes. As they talk they draw closer and touch.  There is a quick caress, and a promise to meet on Thursday when Sis is at the movies. Essie leaves.

Cut to

B. Close up of coffee table.  Carl’s hand and arm turns over each object until he finds the lipstick, and pockets it.


Copyright ©, 2018, William J. Spurlin.  All rights reserved.


Scene: Surveillance. Manhattan apartment building, from across the street.

A.  Essie emerges and crosses the street.  She conceals herself behind a pole, mailbox or other object.  She plays with her phone.

Dissolve to same scene and camera position

B.  A taxi or uber pulls up across the street.  The door opens.

Cut to telephoto, same camera position

C.  SIS, 14, blonde, athletic gets out of the taxi and unhurriedly retrieves her key as she enters her home.

Cut to closeup

Essie, in shadows, talking to Siri:  “Edit Note Letter to Sis. (pause) 10:52, Sunday period.  Twenty minutes late period. Did you see me, Sis question mark?” [2]


Copyright ©, 2018, William J. Spurlin.  All rights reserved.

I’m Watching You

Scene: I’m Watching You, Manhattan locations. Montage, interspersed with Sis’s Instagram posts.

Telephoto, a little shaky and grainy

A. Sis and two other girls, in pleated skirt uniforms, are coming out of the front of a school, holding books to their chests and talking inaudibly.  Street noise and:

Essie (Narration):  “I saw you and your friends.   I don’t think you saw me… I had friends, but I was never the prettiest, like you…you look older than your age … older than me.” [3]

Instagrams of Sis and her friends.

B.  Sis by herself, still in uniform holding books, further away down the street, harder to see.  She stops and talks inaudibly to a YOUNG MAN, 19 standing, leaning on a car.  They touch each other.

Essie (Narration):  “Who is that boy? Does your dad know about him?  Do you know about me? I know you are not supposed to know about me or be like me, but you are a good student, like me…and you like men, like me.”

Cut to closeup

C.  Sis and the Young Man.  Sis raises her forefinger and taps the boy in the chest as she speaks:  “Thursday, 6:30, my house. Don’t be late.”

Instagrams of Sis and the boy.

D.  Sis on the street, shopping, in jeans, with her MOTHER, 48, frayed but stylishly dressed in post-hippie long skirt.

Essie (Narration): “Your dad tells me your mom is crazy.  And my lawyer says that she probably is crazy, because your dad got custody.  But my lawyer also says that your mother will say that your dad is crazy. So who’s crazy, Sis?  Am I crazy to be doing this? I am right down the street, Sis. You can see me.”

E.  Sis and her Mother sitting outside at a table for tea.  They have just had their nails done. They extend their fingers, admiring the manicure. Tea is served.

A YOUNG COUPLE, American man and Asian woman, are seated at a nearby table.

Cut to medium close of Sis and Mother

Sis:  “Why do these good looking guys guys always go with Chinese girls?”

Mom:  “They want subservience.  The woman walks two steps behind and doesn’t ask questions.”

Sis:  “Did Dad dump you for a Chinese girl?”

Mom (stubbing out cigarette):  “Or maybe she wants his money – none of your business – besides, I dumped him, remember?”

The waiter brings the Young Couple the check.  The Young Couple glance at each other and the woman takes out her credit card to pay.

Mother begins compulsively biting her fingers, ruining the manicure.

Sis:  “Mom, did you take your meds this morning?”

Cut to Essie surveilling Mother and Sis, telephoto, a little shaky and grainy

Essie (Narration).  “I saw that, Sis. She ruins everything, doesn’t she?. Can you see me, Sis?  I’m right here, so close. I could just walk up and sit right down with you guys.”  

Instagrams of Sis and her mother.

Closeup, face of

F.   Essie dictating to Siri.

Essie:  “ When am I going to met you, Sis question mark?  Your dad says that if your mom finds out about me she will take him back to Family Court.”

Cut to Essie, walking, still dictating, from behind

G.  Essie (Narration):. “And I get that, I really do; I talked to my lawyer about it.  Do you know that your dad was in court with your mom for five years? Do you remember your dad’s last girlfriend?  Xiaohong? She was Asian, too. Your dad spent three days in court explaining why he should have a girlfriend. Then he got rid of her…for your benefit, Sis…for the good of the child.  I hope you have benefited, Sis. ”


Instagram (shopped) of Young Carl, Mother and baby Sis together.


H.  Sis and her same two friends, in jeans, passing a drug fiend BUM, 30, on the sidewalk, holding a cardboard sign.  The girls pass him then Sis stops, digs in her bag, gets money, turns back and hands it to the bum.
Essie (Narration):  “You are a really nice kid, Sis.  I would like to be your friend. Can I be your friend? Do you know who I am?  Did you find the things I left for you? Or any of my hair?…. I’m going to do it, Sis. I’m going to meet you soon.


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Ice Cream Parlor

Scene:  Ice Cream Parlor. Interior..

Sis is next in line to get ice cream.  As she waits, Essie, wearing dark glasses, gets in line behind her.

Essie:  “Hi, Sis.”

Sis (startled, turning around):  “Oh, hi – uh – who are you?”

Essie (pushing dark glasses up on her forehead):  “Don’t you recognize me?”

Sis: “Uh, no.”

Essie:  “I’m surprised – are you sure you don’t recognize me?”

Sis:  “Yeah, I’m sure.  Who are you, anyway?”

Essie: “My name is Esther.  I’m a friend of your mom’s. I thought you would remember me. “

Sis:  “No, I don’t remember you at all.”

Essie:  “Do you want to sit down and have ice cream?”

Young Man is outside the Ice Cream Parlor window, looking in.

Sis.  “No, I really gotta go.  Sorry. I’ll tell my mom I saw you, Esther.”


Copyright ©, 2018, William J. Spurlin.  All rights reserved.

Thursday Night

Scene: Thursday Night.  Same Manhattan apartment.

A. Bathroom.  Sis is applying makeup, perfume and doing her hair, pulling out Kleenex to touch up her makeup.

Sis:  “Dad, can I get money from your wallet?”

Carl (from another room):  “What do you mean? What do you want money for?”

Sis:  “Don’t you remember?  I told you. It’s Thursday.  Hildy and I are going to the movies. I got all my homework done.” [4]

Carl:  “OK, I guess, but just remember, be back at eleven o’clock.  And that doesn’t mean five minutes after eleven, it means eleven.  Are you going to Hildy’s first?”

Sis:  “No, I’m supposed to meet her downtown at the Panoramion.  Can I have money, please?”

Carl:  “All right, all right.”

Sis, pulling out Kleenex, finds the note.  There is a pause while she reads the note. She laughs, crumples and throws away the note and returns to touching up her makeup.

Cut to


B.  Bedroom.  From inside the top of the bedroom closet, as in Sunday Morning.

Sis is pulling twenty dollar bills from her father’s wallet.

Sis (loudly):  “I met this creepy woman when I was getting ice cream.  Or maybe she was a girl.”

Carl (from another room):  “What do you mean, creepy?”

Sis:  “I don’t know – she was just like, weird.  She said she knew my mom, and she wanted to talk to me, but I just left.”

Sissy approaches the closet and reaches up for the box of condoms.  She pulls out one condom, clutches it, hesitates, pulls out another one, and puts the box back.

Carl:  “Did she follow you?”

Sis:  “No, at least I don’t think so.”



Copyright ©, 2018, William J. Spurlin.  All rights reserved.